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As an academic discipline, Art History analyses the stylistic transformation of artworks over the course of history. In this context, it examines not only painting, sculpture and architecture, but also minor arts and handicrafts in a wide range of historical periods. The Art History program teaches interpretation and evaluation of art objects.

The primary mission of the Art History Department is to explain various historical periods of Anatolia on sample artworks. Another important purpose of the course is to encourage the exploration of the diverse cultural aspects of Istanbul, as a historical capital of various cultures and civilizations. In this context, Art History education at Marmara University provides a wide variety of programs in a cross-cultural perspective, including Turkish, Islamic, Byzantine and European arts. Graduates, as “art historians”, contribute to preservation of the cultural heritage. They are expected to be able to differentiate between various art periods and to comprehend cultural interactions.

Established in 2005 by Prof. Dr. Selçuk Mülayim, the Art History Department of the Marmara University offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate program consists of lectures and seminar courses that cover all phases of Turkish, Byzantine, European and contemporary arts. Lectures and seminars specifically focus on the cultural spheres of Istanbul and environs. Moreover, we offer lectures on Photography, Technical Drawing, Ottoman Turkish, Paleography and Epigraphy, which provide significant background skills for art history research.


Career Opportunities

  • Museums
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Cultural Preservation Committees
  • Academic opportunities
  • Teaching in secondary education

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